Shoutbomb: a new text messaging service

shoutbombWhy Should I Sign Up?
Receive text messages on your phone immediately when:
* Items you requested are ready for pickup.
* Items you are borrowing are overdue.
Use your phone to text the library to:
* Renew your items
 Shoutbomb has features to make managing your account easier:
* Receive notices on multiple library cards.
What Do I Need To Sign Up?
Signing up is totally free! Standard text rates apply.
How To Sign Up Using Your Cell Phone:
1. Use a phone that can send text-messages to an e-mail address.
2. Text the word SIGNUP to
3. You should receive a reply asking for a library card number.
4. Text your library card number.
5. You should receive a confirmation text with an email request. (Responding with your email address is optional.)