New Regulations for the State Library’s Delivery Service

The Connecticut State Library recently issued new regulations that restrict the type and amount of materials that libraries will be able to send through the DeliverIT CT delivery service.  These regulations are meant to reduce the burden on an already-overwhelmed system, and they will affect all interlibrary loan activity throughout the state.  They went into effect on July 1, 2016.

These new regulations enforce two major restrictions that will impact library patrons:

  1. Patrons will now be limited to 5 holds on library materials at any one time.
  2. New materials will not be eligible for the delivery system. The regulation defines new materials as those purchased within the last six months.  This means patrons will not be able to get new books, DVDs and other items delivered from neighboring libraries.

We will do our best to lessen the impact that these new regulations will have on you.  Staff members are able to override the 5-hold limit on items that the library owns, and we will be happy to do so.  We will also plan to purchase many of the newer items that will now be unavailable through delivery.

Patrons may continue to borrow in-person from other public libraries.  Most materials may be returned to any public library for delivery back to the lending library.

Please speak with a member of our staff if you have any questions or need assistance.

These policies and guidelines apply to any library that chooses to use the delivery service.  The guidelines are intended to address the sustainability of this important service within the State Library’s limited financial resources and will be reviewed by the State Library Board at their regular meeting, Monday, September 26 at 1 pm, Location TBD.  Please feel free to direct any questions, concerns or comments about these new regulations to the State Librarian Kendall Wiggin 860-757-6500 or or the State Library Board Chair John N. Barry (860) 621-9802