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GHS Student Capstone Presentations Jan. 24

January 24, 2019 3:00 pm
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January 24, 2019 4:30 pm
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ghs logoThe Capstone Project is an enriching activity which engages students in a personalized learning experience and provides the opportunity to demonstrate and display the academic expectations in the GHS mission statement.The students participating in the project welcome the opportunity to present their projects to the community and answer questions related to their work. Community members may attend all or a portion of the presentations.

Jan. 24 Schedule of Presentations

3:00 Charlotte Zimmer- Probing Wandering Black Holes with the Romulus Simulations

“This project investigates populations of wandering black holes through the use of cosmological computer simulations known as the Romulus Simulations. The presentation will walk through the background of black hole science, present some of the properties of wandering black holes I discovered through my research, and discuss other work being done on these celestial entities around the world.”

3:30 Josh Secki-Sound Design and Music in Video Games

“This presentation goes over the basics of what sound design is in video games. The purpose of this presentation is to bring attention to an often ignored aspect of game design, and to give an education on what kind of work goes into making a game’s sound design better.”

4:00 Lindsay Smith-How Music Impacts One’s Emotions

“In my presentation I will speak to how one perceives music emotionally. I will perform short excerpts of music for the audience to further explain how music can impact someone. A short video will also be shown to provide another perspective of how music is perceived

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